SULEAU is a creative design and consulting agency specialized in artisanal brands, for food and drink and other savoir-faire products. Our experimental and multi-disciplinary approach allows us to create everything from audacious and elegant visual identities, to packaging, marketing and brand communication materials.

Our goal is to promote terroir and quality products in the wider online and retail space to encourage the dialogue between humans and their environment.

Love of craft,
love of the land

Creatively directed by Kelsey Suleau, a California native who has made France her home for the last 11 years, the studio seeks to design from a unique point of view, combining traditional know-how with bold creativity.

Having studied classical painting in Florence and Paris, with a master’s degree in International Media, Kelsey uses her diverse work and life experiences to enrich her clients’ brand messages.

A unique
point of view

Inspired by nature and its ability for renaissance, we strive for a client experience based on intuitive wisdom, listening, and problem-solving.

2. sensibility

All of our skills, knowledge and stories have been passed down through generations, so we want to do our part to preserve this knowledge.

Our drive is to stay curious, learning, and humble to diverse viewpoints. The joy is in the discovery, and our work has an aspect of play.

1. heritage

3. curiosity

A legacy worth continuing

The original SULEAU was my father-in-law, Liane Suleau, a Lebanese marble sculptor from Beirut.

His expertise represents for me a tradition of savoir-faire and artistic sensibility that a world obsessed with progress at all costs needs now more than ever.

At the heart of SULEAU’s consulting mission is a desire to see artisanal producers and intentional makers be made visible and appreciated for their work.

With roots in the past and eyes on the future, my goal in the present is to tell the story of our connection to each other and the land.

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